Your actual changes website ranking factors love Shanghai to focus on the adjustment algorithm

this morning, I open the computer to update the week fell in love with the sea, today I change according to the change of their own personal website data and responsible for their own enterprises, some small details of the current love Shanghai algorithm change, many beginners think Shanghai dragon is a very simple but also have strong technical work. But with the growth of experience, one engaged in at least three years of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel will never think so, I think the Shanghai Dragon King love Shanghai strategy affects all of us every act and every move in the direction of optimization strategy. According to their website today after last week love Shanghai after the big update, analysis of love Shanghai yesterday after the big update we want to focus on those aspects, we continued into good gossip short today the theme from four aspects to analysis.

third, especially the more strict audit link. This algorithm has been used before the love of Shanghai. But there is no real influence to a very wide range of industries. The author found that those who use.

first, quality factor was promoted again in. According to their website for example your site is carefully to update their high quality articles, not in order to cater to the spider and crudely made although the surface is the original article but does not have any value, this is not any meaning. Especially the last day Shanghai algorithm change because the author is responsible for the station more, pseudo original and original combination generally taken for some less competitive enterprises the author through yesterday’s website, Shanghai love updates found included are different degrees of decline in their own personal station because it is their intention to update so rank and weight to a greater degree of improvement. So the author thinks that the search engine algorithm upgrade, the most direct manifestation is the original article is improved, the original is not only the logical of their articles written out, now more emphasis on the unique perspective of reading. What can not be provided to the user needs the contents of the website will only make us feel a waste of time, but can not go further reading. Therefore, the importance of high quality for a website is remarkable, for the last day of Shanghai is also the most profound experience a little update.

second, the weight of the BBS signature has again been reduced. After this adjustment, the author found that the signature of the chain, many have reason to be right down a lot before the most direct manifestation is what BBS signature links can not find all you can find is a recent period of time, at the same time, many large signature site is down right, in the ranking of the decline and included reducing the number of. From this I suggest that BBS signature of the chain to find the best high quality platform such as A5 forum, 28 push BBS, then find some related forums and their own website construction of the chain do not pay proper attention to promotion of big signature chain, BBS signature our purpose is to lead the spider, if you order the BBS signature the main chain chain construction, finally can only make your site in the escalating love Shanghai algorithm has been eliminated.

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