According to the original article to Shanghai dragon infringement against Henzhao

first, the statement reproduced to indicate the link. In the bottom of your website or at the end of the article, clearly indicate if reproduced, you must specify text links, the best also noted, reprint must follow the "Creative Commons Attribution non commercial purposes – consistent, so you can change, the illegal use of free and take legal measures of infringement of the molecule right.

high quality web content is the soul of the website, the natural Shanghai dragon is also a weapon, for some good at writing webmaster, it is very handy. However, when you write an article, was immediately transferred out, this is one thing very weaken your original website, but to indicate the other your original address, it is good for you — a good article is to share, share, and weight increase website popularity. So is discussed in this paper, how to counter that reproduced the article, did not indicate the source of the molecular tort.

third is the different object of infringement, please use different measures. For some regular company reprint tort and general contact them, they will offer treatment, because the general formal company have certain qualities, understand what is tort. But there are also some companies or individual troupes, infringement of your article, you to contact them when they deliberately prevarication, even is not processing fundamental, some very harsh attitude, no reason. For this type of company, you don’t have to tell them seriously, you get a statement sent to them, said they had been told in the tort law, first take the initiative, at the same time you collect the evidence, to take legal measures to. If they don’t, really time to a legal solution, please don’t forget to damages to the high point, such as copyright fees, fees and loss of reputation, compensation for mental damage, delay what fees, please a good lawyer, section to be justified to ignorance the guy’s money. The copyright law of our country and its implementation efforts, there is now encouraging development, this is our backing, don’t be afraid to take the time to be entangled, loss compensation, if you have no time, can entrust others, winning the lawsuit, not only to the lawyer fees, oneself also earn.

then, timely view the article was reproduced. Pay attention to their own original articles are reproduced, especially to be included, you can search for "title:+ title" love in Shanghai, or "domain:+ the relevant paragraphs". One click to view to be reproduced, the other side is not indicated in the original link and signature. Check must be timely, the sooner the better, otherwise a turn one, for a long time, demanding rights. If not promptly let annotated links immediately indicate, can guarantee your article is reproduced at the same time, maximize the chain corresponding.

fourth, the infringement in some site type, can take some remedial measures. If being reproduced on the forum, you can go to the note > immediately.

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