Analysis of the degree of difficulty of the implementation of the Shanghai dragon chain release is t


website has to have content to the user to see, only valuable content will allow the user to identify, so the website needs to have a variety of content to attract users, the content needs and your theme, not an entertainment website to publish content to the content of sports. And a website, a lot of content are needed to generate the personnel.

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social media



web content creation

is also the normal construction of the external links for the construction of the chain, many companies will hire the chain Commissioner, the role of these people is to use tools or manual issued by the chain in the site. In order to get more of the chain, and even get direct visitors. Now the Shanghai dragon slightly agitated, many employees have the website optimization effect the myth of the chain, the chain that is all, this mentality is not desirable.

The construction of the external links

English version, no Chinese, Robin will use tools to translate, maybe some terminology translation is not very accurate, so please forgive me. Direct influence factors of Shanghai said in the implementation of the dragon. The analysis of the Shanghai dragon works roughly divided into 12 categories, Robin will do simple explanation on the 12 Shanghai dragon work.

The construction of the

chart analysis the degree of difficulty of the implementation of the Shanghai dragon chain release the most difficult

social media is a means of marketing, is the use of social networks, online communities, blogs, Wiki or other media and Internet collaboration platform for marketing and sales.

blog, only a short while ago, sprocket swept the entire Shanghai dragon circle, "how is your website to create a simple chain", Robin also wrote a simple chain is how to work, and the construction of blog is largely for this purpose. Of course, there are a lot of people blog construction is to brand promotion, this is a model, another word, although micro-blog is the spread of great intensity, but the blog function in the short term is irreplaceable.

now that many sites are increasingly focused on the development of electronic commerce, all want to get more sales channels in the network, but due to the amount of information on the Internet is huge, to put the product to show more people to have a certain degree of difficulty, so how to do? Generally speaking, advertising and bidding is a way, another way is to use Shanghai dragon to complete such a goal. Now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners website optimization one-sided understanding of the hair of the chain, although the chain occupy a large proportion in Shanghai dragon, but all Shanghai dragon was not only released outside the chain. Here, all kinds of problems with Robin chart analysis about the implementation of the Shanghai dragon.

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