The content of the website inside and outside the chain chain for ranking analysis level and stabil

for the convenience of the content easy to understand, here we can make a comparison between the Internet and look at the website of the customer relationship, assuming that the Internet is the sea, then your website is the river, and the Internet is a website visitor fish, thousands on thousands of converging to the sea, but also make the Internet full of fish vitality.


first, the purpose of search engine is the most can satisfy the needs of the user content first show to the readers. Like some websites to rank, will update the number of spam or industry related content, the search engine is anathema to spam. In fact, not only the search engines can not stand, visitors can not stand. As a fish swims to a spring water of the river, he would think that the river’s water quality, living here very comfortable, the next time it swam to another river in a pseudo original, the first reaction is, these contents before me in a river like appearance experienced, familiar feeling, only slightly different than the first river feel good, so hurry to return to an even swim across rivers to, although not too much resentment, but will not nostalgia. Wait until the third sewage river, fish in estimation is dead, even if the undead will turn around and run, will be at a distance, this.

said above, the content of the site is divided into three kinds of original and pseudo original and plagiarism, and website content comparison of water, then the three in use may be compared to groundwater and mineral water – used water (sewage), following through on site content influence on site optimization analysis to illustrate the effect of this three kinds of water on the site of

we all know the love of Shanghai is most concerned about the user experience, before the article "why some sites do not update the contents of the ranking is also very stable" mentioned website user experience needs to "local conditions", and here I would like to ask you, the user experience is the fundamental agency? Some people will say I said before the words "to address the needs of users in the shortest time, in fact, this is not the fundamental purpose, but, what is her fundamental? Is not the content of the web site? Your website without anything beach user experience? In a blank, like the importance of this result is multiplied by any number 0 0. your website without content you more means to the optimization result is thus 0. content, for the content of the current can be divided into three categories: original and pseudo original and copy.

next website content website site outside the chain within the chain, the above mentioned website is a river, so natural site content is definitely the water in the river, and the river is the small branch chain, quality quality can be said that the website content is equal to the water, the water flow more branch the greater, so people will ask what is inside the chain? Here I put in the chain compared to a net, and why this analogy, I will explain in detail in the next article. Here we mainly talk about the source of life, the basic website — "water".

website content determines the website ranking and the value of

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