Shanghai dragon can also take a shortcut the choice of the domain name

that we should how to choose such a name? We can publish through the Registrar domain to delete the list to find the domain name, this is the only way. To delete a domain list, we will carry on the screening of these domain names. The screening condition is outside the chain, see the name of noble baby chain, love Shanghai and outside the chain of the domain name chain of web page. Then is the domain name record, finally is to view the domain name in the search engine is still snapshot. The domain name strong chain, even deleted after love Shanghai every day or will give the domain name >

if the recent record is grey station industry or the law does not allow the industry, that we should put the old domain name to put. Wait until the distance to the nearest station index record record first half time or in the search engine without the site, and then re enabled.

of course, this domain name is to selectively use. We have to choose the domain name is a historical record in the search engine, and is the same industry. Of course, not the same industry as long as it is not illegal but also can choose the.

and now the Shanghai dragon ER select the domain name standard is not so wide, the old domain name, domain name weight is now Shanghai dragon ER of choice, some even spend buying the Shanghai dragon ER domain name weight. In fact, the old domain name or domain name with reasonable weight can achieve a multiplier effect.

2. select the same industry deleted domain name: some Shanghai dragon Er questioned this practice, believe that short-term domain name in a deleted registration website is not good.

1. select the old domain: the weight of old domain name is in doubt, choose the old domain we have to look at the history and background of the old domain is clean. When we choose an old name when I want to view the old domain before ever recording station. If we can not direct station. If there is, we want to see the previous record is what time, the last station records of what the topic is and we have to build the site the same theme.



a bit off topic, how are we going to stand through the choice of the domain name to take a shortcut in the Shanghai dragon point

if the recent station record is regular and we have to build the site and the same industry, you are to be congratulated. Reasonable layout of site outside the chain of historical records and the original site will make your site more.

Shanghai dragon domain name choice is the key, in the choice of domain we will consider many factors. Such as: the domain name should be included in the English keyword or pinyin form to increase your credit, add the domain area or area to the delineation of the scope of the services or the abbreviation of attribution, domain name or abbreviation directly choose short domain name to make it easier for users to choose the domain name when memory, to see whether there is a website domain name before recording, recording is good or not,…… A series of factors.

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