Shanghai dragon ultimate algorithm grassroots webmaster this year with the lesson of blood two

? Optimization of

(5) on the home page keyword layout, product layout problem. First of all to ensure that our navigation clear and simple, a user can enter the home page to quickly find the information he needed. Each link on the home page to page must have a rich and valuable content, guide and educate consumers well, allow consumers to buy your products. Do the details are important web page art pictures and details to take control of a good website, such as small icon ICO whether set up

OG protocol, picture code, this code in the page as practical;

Third step

an article I wrote "grassroots webmaster this year with the blood of the lesson of Shanghai dragon ultimate algorithm by many readers" controversy. In order to meet the urgent needs of readers today, deliberately wrote Shanghai dragon algorithm (two), the ultimate hope to do the Shanghai dragon friends can have some inspiration. This article compares the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon basic question I do not write, just write more depth and executable Shanghai Longfeng practical skills.

1, the home page

The second step:

(2) show on the search results page picture of the general station of the station is no low weight LOGO submit permissions. We use a method can let love Shanghai grab and we want to display a picture or LOGO, this method can increase the probability of showing the picture, does not guarantee success: 100%

(4) on many pop problem, my view is completely turned off. Only one share a love and love Shanghai Shanghai customer service exchange floating window on the line, do not let the window damage to your users.

(3) on the home page keyword density, density is the key factor for ranking. This to think about where they can be added to add keywords, improve the number of keywords in the home in everywhere, of course is not affecting the user experience of the case.

, you want to show the pictures on the inside of the front part of the code in the label, spider reading code is read from top to bottom, the first spider grab a picture may be displayed in the search results;

The first step:

(1) clear website theme, TDK (title, description, keywords) set up the good not easy to change. The H1 tag set, using B tags of these basic things did not set themselves to set up.


images clearly, the proportion is about 5:3, and the ALT property;

(6) on page 301, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon friends will ignore a problem, the station 301. 301 and >

fourth, share this page with love in Shanghai, you will be surprised to find that the share page display picture is the picture you want to display.

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