How to use the website industry segmentation principle of planning a large number of long tail words

according to an article in the Shanghai water maximum matching segmentation, reverse matching maximization, and the rules of bidirectional matching maximum, this title can be divided into the long tail words include: seaman Zheng Zhihua, Zheng Zhihua seaman, seaman online audition, seaman MP3, seaman seaman mp3 download, lyrics, seaman MP3 song, Zheng Zhihua seaman online audition, Zheng Zhihua seaman Zheng Zhihua lyrics, seaman MP3, Zheng Zhihua seaman Zheng Zhihua seaman mp3 download, download the lyrics and so on.

water in Shanghai just search love song, 1 music network has a good ranking, of course, many other factors that he and the site itself weight, but these rankings never makes his current flow! The earliest in Shanghai Long Fengzhong proposed the theory of the long tail word who can make nothing of it but in the development of water. Domestic Shanghai dragon in this theory is absolutely revolutionary is trend driven.

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this article we will continue to explore Sony Ericsson Shanghai segmentation skills Shanghai Longfeng use, for the love of Shanghai word principle also is not very clear of the first aspect water on an article on the introduction of the principle of love Shanghai word: the title of the word love Shanghai by applying the theory of writing case analysis (part I) to give you some data (Chinaz query):

1, 1 music network www.1ting贵族宝贝 global ranked 1808th, Chinese ranked 259th IP daily visits about 438000

how to do long term I think many people know, such as a title to write: what is the search engine optimization, eat what is good for the body like autumn. At least every article can do one or two words long tail no problem, if we in the long tail word strategies inside the rational use of love Shanghai segmentation theory? (there are detailed in an article on the Shanghai word theory about love). We look at the 1 music network is how to do:


2, Zhongguancun www.zol贵族宝贝.cn comprehensive global ranked 183rd, Chinese ranked thirty-second IP daily visits about 3066000

user initiative to word, long tail word list can include: Zheng Zhihua seaman, Zheng Zhihua seaman, Zheng Zhihua seaman online audition, Zheng Zhihua seaman download >

this is the webmaster network according to the analysis results of Alexa and other data, but the actual IP data than this high, should be multiplied by 2-5 times around. Computer network query results according to the different nature of the industry website with the actual data rate will be higher than the music! Of course, these data are not the focus, and the focus is on how they do these data! So industry portal is how to do millions of traffic? We have to listen to the music network to 1 case analysis:

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