Through the third party into traffic than the 100 chain effect is better

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platform website promotion effect will be better. This is prominent in 2 aspects, one is the article, the other one is the enterprise activities. This is me from the characteristics of correlation between high quality chain access. "

site traffic

, a WeChat public number into more accurate flow

industry which is not the same method. For example, China Merchants join type website. We will give examples of activities to show, must be real and effective, we have people, our logo, our products, our marketing plan (you know, the secret is not leaked). The marketing activities of comprehensive display to the user, especially easy to cause the user’s interest, so this time will be converted to click to website to further and detailed understanding of the situation.

by writing quality articles, user concerns, such as the Shanghai dragon of long tail keywords and so on, pay attention to consider the answer the validity, authenticity, slightly with advertising, pay attention to guiding the user. For example: how to maintain the skin in summer. This time we do not generally answer. We can according to the different situation to answer. Oily skin, dry skin, neutral skin and other aspects to answer, another is the effect of graphic collocation collocation. The audience this article that itself will be more and more people are willing to see, not so single. Combined with the way is too boring to lead the user to read text, do not go.

no matter how changes in the so-called love Shanghai algorithm, eventually, it is certainly not out of the user, is user oriented and core. Many do network promotion friend said, a high quality of the chain (such as A5 submitted to the soft top off your hair) 100 useless garbage outside the chain. And the high quality of the chain for the website weight has good promotion effect, but the chain of garbage not only has no effect but also dragged down the entire website, website keywords ranking. Here the Yangtze Electric water heater company Xiaobian to introduce the third party flow than you 100 useless garbage outside the chain effect even better. A few days ago, Taobao 2016 Taobao baby ranking rules, which refers to Taobao now traffic bottleneck, the third party into the flow of love (such as WeChat, is said to love the sea, of course, can best deal flow), indicating that the introduction of the high quality third party flow. In fact, the three giants are hoping to get a good flow from the other side of the platform, but these need users as a guide, is true can bring traffic. The future of the site outside the chain is the way to flow through the introduction of the release of the chain. Does not exist in the forum dragged inside a web site called the chain, even if this forum is the fire post also have no way to become a good outside chain.

two, the website platform correlation effect is very good

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