Thousand million fish tofu roll Shanghai dragon Er to be like a donkey

wants to become a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, at any time to remember, not instant success. Website optimization is definitely not easy, many individual owners for their own website, work hard, give up should give up the rest of the time, the other a lot of good things, to make good results, do you think his own ten days or months, can optimize the particularly satisfactory site to

The writer ?, what was urgent, starting A5, reproduced please keep.

good evening meal afraid, good wine is not afraid, for Shanghai dragon industry people, not what than site traffic is low, the ranking of words do not go on more annoyed the. However, the optimization of the website is a need to slowly, deliberately, to come out. Therefore, the daily work should not be impetuous, must be in a calm mood, like a donkey, to find the right direction, will resolutely implement the strategy, as long as we can always see the results.

do a lot of SEO people have such a kind of mentality, if their own efforts should not see any effect, would be particularly frustrating, especially edgy. Although started out, the previous director said to me, do not think any station to hand you a variety of data can go up, this is a meticulous work, the key lies in the persistence and hard work.


if a er Shanghai Dragon into this state, then he work for attention is undoubtedly worthy of recognition, but this is really good? The so-called modaobuwukanchaigong, but if just cut a small pile of firewood, firewood is around the pile of firewood to see enough dry the fire burned up, will not be strong, while ignoring the other fire all over the mountains and plains, to do so, certainly is very dangerous.

just do Shanghai dragon was so but once myself constantly give personal advice, take a website, believe that any person will be. Every day to observe all the data, sent a chain, he stared at is not deleted. The editor of the article, always unconsciously went to see is not included. The keyword of the website, it is refreshing to see if there is not to mind taking the trouble of the new ranking.

recently transferred to another company to do the work of Shanghai dragon, took over a new sites, to less than 10 days, feeling all kinds of data does not change much, don’t get disheartened flighty and impetuous. After sitting for a long time, suddenly wake up, or too impatient.

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