Ten trick to help your site quickly included

six: regularly update the original article

love Shanghai for their products are very highly, highly weight. The early time to love Shanghai Post Bar hair chain attract spider. There is a site Post Bar love Shanghai, is designed to attract a spider, in the above link will not be deleted, you can try. As for the love of Shanghai know, love Shanghai library, difficulty, can consider to give up.

four: the exchange of high quality Links


five: Shanghai Haiyun

new website, it is also a test of their popularity. When my website is just on the line, find some friends and relatives, their website weight, flow and ranking are good, let them take my website plus, some even or one-way links, the website is really a good

included is one of Shanghai dragon will do the content included stable good is good rankings based. For a new website how to speed up the love of Shanghai or a website has included how to achieve faster included in published articles after? I think this is every webmaster all care about. Here according to my own experience summed up some measures, while drawing on some experience of the Shanghai dragon ER, give you a summary of ten how to speed up the old and new sites included speed method, welcome the timely correcting.

. The station optimization is done, love Shanghai will shorten the new audit time, fast included. And when the station in high quality, will not be included on the back of the phenomenon.

three: to enhance the speed of

two: high weight forum post replies the spider

whenever a new job, I will go to the major search engine submission again. This method can not only promote the collection of new sites, and can leave a high quality of the chain, is a good way to shoot two hawks with one arrow. When you need to pay attention to, at the time of submission, some directory you need to add his or his friends of the chain code in Riga on the website, I think you can give up, time-consuming and laborious.

sufficientThis is the basis of

seven: the purchase of high weight link "

use love and love to share Shanghai Haiyun collections, each finished article will share a key to the major social media platform, increase the site’s exposure rate, so to enhance the site weight and ranking. Once read an article, said a webmaster is to use this way to achieve their website article reached the seconds of speed.

included using the product of Shanghai love

: to each big search engine submission entrance website

share and love love

For example,

A5, the laggards, a push, push 28 forum, the forum basically can reach the second speed, especially help included, but also left a high quality chain.

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