By the side of the Shanghai dragon Er respectively caused by the transformation of thinking way

concluded that the electricity supplier website to sell products.

two, the side of the Shanghai dragon Er instance

most of the time, selling products are not only sold for the product, so simple. As a personal webmaster, when a lot of communication ability, the ability to judge the market, personal savings and anti risk aspects are inadequate. If I do the parking lock products, find the products, quality is first, sales is the key, but the customer service service (such as installation, maintenance and technical support) is the ultimate weapon beyond competitors.

2, electricity supplier website

. Used in several website optimization company has done. But I do not have recognized station, received a service charge. But from the second half of last year, love Shanghai algorithm change frequently, if light do optimization services, often with pressure. But do the electricity supplier website to sell products, there are also many factors need to be considered.

English site requires practitioners familiar with English, I believe that many domestic grassroots webmaster, the English level flattered, so to teach English familiar, this factor blocking many owners, including the author.

1, English site

1, electricity supplier website to sell products

3, grey

products are generally sold in two modes, one is the agent or distributor, the second is OEM, both oem. The parking lot parking facilities such as the lock products, is the OEM production. These two models have advantages and disadvantages, do not need to consider their own dealers to build brands, simply buy the product, make a single earn money. Do you need to own OEM mode on the Internet to build and maintain their own brand.

Because the

, a Shanghai Longfeng way big eyes

I do website optimization is a long time, personal independence blog has experienced from the initial passion to create, update, to close to the expiration of the domain name renewal stage. The friends, or friends, have left the network marketing industry, part of the successful transformation and upgrading, to confusion in a primary site optimization, some people rely on Shanghai dragon and earn pours. In this paper, the author’s own friends say Liezi, way and transformation of dragon and Phoenix Road Shanghai.

I belong to this type of

participated in several training, there are many grassroots webmaster circle line. Nonsense than to say, please look at their current situation.

is looking for products, price is too high, the price is too low or the product has many disadvantages. The price is too high, customers choose to order will be cautious, generally the price is too low, the profit is too low, do not recommend.

the last time Shanghai dragon VIP training, Zac pointed out some way to the domestic Shanghai dragon Er, respectively.

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