The article not included do do

three, the station link

industry is the main keyword list


many owners have a common understanding in the site, is not included in the love of Shanghai. Originally, it is difficult to write original articles, when hard to write an original, but for a long time are not included, other people have a headache. Even more exasperating is sometimes written many articles not included a love of Shanghai, it is the original article is not as good as others copy and paste. The new station can be understood. Do Shanghai dragon is a slow process. Moreover, Shanghai is also a love assessment criteria for new sites. The article not included do what to do? I summarize the experience of preliminary analysis, basically according to the following seven standards of operation, this operation, written almost will be the second love Shanghai.

four, internal links

is too long, the customer does not want to see, like the novel, then your site experience is not good. Too short, the keyword of the website is difficult to layout.


six, the title of the article.

such as Zhuzhou Shanghai dragon, so the main keywords can have many choices: "Zhuzhou Shanghai dragon training", "Zhuzhou Shanghai dragon marketing", "Zhuzhou Shanghai dragon knowledge", "Zhuzhou Shanghai Dragon Technology" and so on.


five, the number of words should be in the 800 – 1000 words plus

is said to give your website a main direction, what do you do? Then the industry in accordance with the direction to write. For example, Zhuzhou Shanghai dragon.

is the title of the article must take a >


, first of all you should have a fixed industry or industry

internal bonding is according to the analysis of the long tail keyword or keywords, links to related articles or web page, for example, I wrote an article called "what is Shanghai dragon", in the article I buried on this article and other related long tail keywords, such as: "Shanghai dragon optimization", and then the long tail key links: 贵族宝贝tiantaofa贵族宝贝/index.php/archives/315, so when I climb to love Shanghai in this article, I climb up "website why Shanghai Longfeng optimization?" this article, and the two articles are related, I love Shanghai would think that this article for the user provide the information they want, so I think this article is very valuable, soon included.

write original articles will be the main keywords lurking in the appropriate content, and chain home page link address. Keywords can not put too much density 2%~8% can be a general article to put the 1~2 main keyword best, also with the title of the long tail keywords, I usually put 1.

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