Leveraging force do promotion the use of the search results page appears do lasting promotion

If the

5, repeat the above steps, try to search B, search C……

Post Bar love Shanghai as an example, the reader can then extend this set of ideas, to promote the use of other sites.

?The promotion effect of

to promote Post Bar love Shanghai because many posts Post Bar have good ranking, ranking is popular, since he is popular, we do promotion in his post these popular inside, so as to bring popular products as the goal or target site we want to promote, it is not very logical.

The core idea of

4, if the number of reply this post has more than one page, we can reply for floor 2 floor, 3 floor, to seize this favorable position to reply, with the promotion of the right of reply.

1, such as search word A, we love Shanghai in search of the word, look at the first page of search results there is love Shanghai Post Bar post;

The second is the reply

skills, if it is a direct reply post, we must return the contents of quality and eye-catching, such as insert pictures, or other content for the benefit of the user. At least should not be deleted, it is necessary to spend a little time to do careful reply, because once the recovery success can bring lasting traffic for us.

is to find a set of promotion methods of ranking pages and then use the web for product promotion or the construction of the chain.


The use of

3, if this post can reply, reply and dissatisfaction with the number one, that is to say, if we reply this post reply, we can appear on the first page of the post, so we should be very careful to reply, the reply to the opportunity to push our products or site wide.

A few tips need to pay attention to the operation of

2, good luck, we found a post on the first page, see this post can reply, reply has how many pages;

is back to the floor.

and Post Bar directly in the method of post – top posts — the top post what difference? Because we are specifically looking for those who have ranked post promotion, ranking has continued, ranging from 3 days to 5 days, more than half a year, as long as we can succeed in a a ranking of the post promotion, he can bring lasting effect to us.

specific operation process is as follows:

In the actual operation process of

is the first choice of search words, if it is to direct promotion of products and services, try to choose the index of high search keywords, more people into the post through the search, the better the effect of promotion. Baiek has collected a number of keywords and corresponding Post Bar post and will be released, interested friends can try this method to field operation.

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