How to make love fast included the opening of the new site in Shanghai

How long does it take to love

5, submit your site to search engines love Shanghai.

! All the details of the

6, necessary for the construction of the chain.

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key words: how to make love in Shanghai included, opened a new web site quickly included

note, here is the love of Shanghai included refers to the release included through the site: command returns, included the results, for the novice Shanghai dragon, should will encounter this problem, open a new website, will check to see whether Shanghai love the web site every day, then, the new website. Love will be included in Shanghai general website how long? Usually, if the site is better in line in front of the differences in content, structure in place, keywords layout is reasonable, pay attention to domain name and virtual host set the order to open a new line on the site, will be included in the 0-3, said: 0 days on the day included the content of the website, if not handled properly, complex structure, or illegal content (grey website), the website may be included in 30 days is normal. If within 30 days, the site also not included, that is likely to be a problem domain.

4, registered and launched the website domain name, the domain name to the site IP.

registered, usually immediately effective, so the first time to check the website has no dead links and processing, and then submitted to the search engines love Shanghai.

update the chain in some high credibility blog or forum, can effectively accelerate the new sites included speed.

first launched the website server or virtual host, will be the site of the source program is uploaded to the server.

according to the following six steps to operate, can be the fastest web search engine acceptance and release of Shanghai love home page. If it is not the wise remark of an experienced person would not be so Yiziyizi, write up is

launched a new website, pay attention to the following order set website, can ensure that the site in the shortest possible time included, specifically the following 6 steps:


Shanghai included a new

if love Shanghai fast included website:

The title and description of

2, opened the virtual host or server.


including the site of the home page and the inside pages of keywords layout, the content of each page of the website links, even can update the necessary content for the website, the website looks more substantial.

love Shanghai why search engine website, the Shanghai dragon should understand website valuable content that, to import the necessary links is the site.

3, the website domain name will be bound to the virtual host or server.

1, in the local set up website.

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