Open the mini six elements of the website of Shanghai Dragon

website now more and more attention to the optimization of Shanghai dragon, open the mini has many friends all want to their business website provides Shanghai Longfeng advice and service, so here is the six elements we first briefly analyse the website of Shanghai dragon.

Mini has repeatedly stressed that the high quality web content, what kind of content is high quality content? In the previous article on Mini "high quality web content five standards" are elaborated, summed up is: to meet the demand, relevance, originality, richness, immediacy, rationality. The contents of this website, all is Shanghai dragon optimization based, then open the mini also wrote "how to obtain high quality content". For the enterprise website, update the news station is a very fishing thing, also open the mini also have a special article explaining, "we can see how to find and publish news station". There is a high quality web content, everything is a natural.

, a high quality web content

do a website, then you need to have a high quality of the chain to enhance the site weight to get better ranking. A part of the chain as an integral part of the Shanghai dragon, is a very important factor in the search engine algorithm, so we must make a plan on the site outside the chain. We can exchange links, news contributor, build a blog, Wikipedia platform, inquiry platform, the forum propaganda chain strategy, then what kind of external links is the high quality of the external links? Of course we know the quality of the chain from the home page and the directory page is very high, but in addition to that whether there are more high-quality links? The answer is yes, then make a summary here: love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, know the weight is very high, at least in Shanghai love search engine is like this, we can find their presence in many search results. In addition, the high quality of the blog, news source links are also very good quality of the chain, then the high quality of the chain we can significantly enhance the website weight in order to obtain better effect in Shanghai dragon.

three, friendly user experience design

now the greater impact on user behavior, search engine ranking and flow, PV, bounce rate and other data have been included in the ranking algorithm of search engine, then let these users to improve behavior and improve the user experience to be. Site access speed, page layout, advertising will affect the user experience, open at once encountered such a website, this website shield the right button, a right click the pop-up "please do not copy the contents, to respect the original, I feel very strange, shielding right practice in a long time ago indeed you can avoid some malicious copy, but now it no use, it will seriously affect the user experience, so the design is very unreasonable. So, the user experience is our Shanghai dragon must.

two, the high weight of the external links

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