Just start a network marketing search

this link is an equally important part of network marketing, now most of the sales of products and services on the site have a basic real-time communication software, the software function is to be able to communicate in the first time and visitors, doubts and problems of the first time to deal with the user, for each visitor conversion website the.

through the third aspects of the work you might get some information of potential customers, such as name, contact area, etc.. These potential customers may then simply consult some of the problems, and did not produce purchase behavior, but these customers you still want him as your potential customers to maintain. For example, you can in the holidays to send a holiday blessing and so on, so let them remember you, to facilitate subsequent sales work.

The first

third: the website of the instant communication

search is just a beginning, to the final implementation also requires a lot of work to do the transformation of profit. Not only do the hard work necessary, and potential consumers to maintain a continuous contact is essential. Author: 贵族宝贝yosite.net/ A5

when the user search to your website, your website to the user’s first impression of how divided? Whether the layout and structure of your site can be very good to meet the user’s browsing experience? The user on your site can be successfully free to browse related pages and information? This is very important, not to do the work, so will affect the user experience and the subsequent transformation.

fourth: late customer maintenance

: the structure of

in terms of network marketing, for us it is just a start. In the beginning you need as much as possible to make their sites can be timely displayed in front of souke, but there is not enough, you need to stand up to the user to browse and check the.

website first reprint please!

the content of the website is undoubtedly the entire site is the site of the flesh and blood of the soul". If your website content can not provide users with useful information, can not meet the user’s search needs, then it will be eliminated by the user, even if the reasonable structure of the layout of your website clearly in vain. So, to provide users with high-quality information and display, can provide for the user to solve the problem of information is crucial.

second: the content of the website

The search behavior of users in the Internet to see if

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