Love Shanghai site grammar search results page revision webmaster needed to show more content


after the revision of the site syntax to display information, whether to show what? This picture can be seen from the above, the main display of the website for the record number of information, and marked the personal record or the record company, and the number of pages, web site is the real love of Shanghai index included diagnostic information etc.. The syntax of the Site display of the information provided below for the most awesome love Shanghai webmaster tools display. In addition, after a number of websites by querying the site information discovery, the level of security information website also shows some websites, this should be used and love Shanghai webmaster tools on the site security detection of the site will appear, as follows:

The original

search training 贵族宝贝 training network, please indicate the source, thank you.

Then the

just when your site included in the query in the sea using the site syntax, change is found love Shanghai site grammar search results page, add a lot of general webmaster would need information. The following figure:

then love Shanghai why do these changes? I think it is such a reason: site grammar is usually only a webmaster will be used, which is not suitable for many webmaster love Shanghai webmaster tools. Then through this exhibition, can tell the stationmaster of a lot of rich information, and the webmaster more guidance to love Shanghai webmaster tools. While the use of love for Shanghai webmaster tools, the main site for better management of website, website, website revision grasp the security situation, are of great significance for the structure and content of Shanghai love habits etc..


first I thought it was only signed and joined the Shanghai love website Webmaster Platform certification will appear this kind of circumstance, because I love Shanghai in the account login state in the query when the account login and authentication of this website in Shanghai Webmaster Platform on love. In order to test this is normal, or only the site owners can see the information, so I pulled out of the account, change the browser, remove the cookie, even for the computer to do the test, then draw the conclusion: love Shanghai site grammar search results page revision is a display of normal needle for all users. Not only for website owners to display.

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