How to make the enterprise website optimization thinking of Shanghai dragon mobile terminal site


so, do optimization thinking of enterprise mobile website should be so early is the PC to the mobile terminal is excessive, dominated the PC, and then through some thinking of Shanghai Longfeng PC side, the mobile terminal "give high weight, in the face of the mobile user search habits, from the user experience, mobile networking equipment use users are spending time online, it is unlikely to have the patience of many click on the page, so mobile website design should be as concise as possible. If the website needs to design the purchase page, set >

mobile web search has become an important part of Shanghai Longfeng optimization must be concerned, because of different screen size, different mobile phone and PC website, click on the way. The search engine in order to bring a good user experience, will have the common requirements of the web site in the search, the user in the mobile phone can easily browse, use website, search engines will not give good rankings in mobile search, the website adaptation optimization in mobile phone browsing must cause the attention of Shanghai Dragon the.


some people say, oh, so hard, I give up the mobile site not? In fact, who love mature technology, but the situation has not let you lazy, walking in the street, with a family down in the rise of the mobile terminal WeChat, today’s headlines, a large number of Internet users migrate to the mobile terminal, the the web site to serve the baby, in the face of a large number of mobile users do? Give up? This requires enterprises to actively and optimize the layout of the mobile terminal website promotion.

in the enterprise web site configuration, the mobile terminal has become the enterprise website "standard", although most companies have launched a mobile terminal site, however, compared with the traditional PC client site, mobile site is more like a "chicken ribs", access amount, the mobile terminal site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology is not mature, in the face of in this case, how to correctly treat the mobile terminal site

understanding of the mobile terminal site, with some understanding of the errors, the first one is that the mobile terminal site is the traditional site of the accessories, this situation exists in more than 50% enterprise website, because of the establishment of low cost, but the disadvantage is also obvious that the mobile web site, the site belongs to the traditional two level domain name, in the position on the weak layer; second, micro sites, H5 sites can replace the traditional website. Can not be denied, whether it is micro website or H5 new technology to make the website completely adapt to the mobile Internet and the birth of the website construction technology, the technology must not bring traffic, a lot of micro site, H5 site is attached to the third party platform, this will limit the development of the website. Finally, the mobile site directly to do independent, although this idea is very good, there will be a team of two camps, the PC end of a website, a website of the mobile terminal, operating in different ways, different ways of promotion, energy is limited, a website operation is laborious, two with operation. The final will be "everything, know nothing" situation?

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