Bq Qi brand to join a good brand good choice

high quality women’s choice, not only to highlight our own temperament, but also joined the Bq than Qi women’s projects, or very exciting choice. Bq more than Qi women? High quality women’s choice of joining the project, worthy of our attention and join!

Bq Qi brand to join the Bq women’s online store than Qi, Hongkong B. Q (International) Limited company is founded in 80s, the international well-known enterprises, the company gradually improved in planning, development, production, sales and service as one of the high quality customer service business scale, development has formed a strong international sales .


Garment Co. Ltd. B. Q for the group’s Guangzhou branch, established in early 2000. Bq (Qi – Chinese than translation) brand casual apparel for women’s flagship brand, promote the domestic market by Guangzhou B. Q. With the continuous development of the market competition mechanism, perfect gradually, with headquarters in Hongkong, advanced technology, modern scientific management mode, with its flexible marketing strategy and business promotion companies continue to grow and develop. Management mechanism, adhere to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, standardization, market oriented product series, fashion and specialty products continue to win the recognition and support of customers, obtain economic benefits and good market effect.

Bq more than Qi women? Has always been a very powerful choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Bq women than QI project, an open their own Bq than Qi women’s stores, the shop is made!

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