Runaway girl confirmed the victim of Hangzhou police reward notice

the last two days, Zhejiang Hangzhou 12 year old girl Tingting home news but affects a lot of users, at the same time, Tingting in Hangzhou killed in the message also caused a lot of people’s attention, and now the police are in the investigation of this matter.

8 1, Yuhang police news release, recently in the 7 group bridge Yuhang Qiaosi Street Bridge Village port river Grove (Expressway Side) found a woman’s body, found the missing Tingting, and confirmed to him.

Tingting’s misfortune is to let a lot of netizens have regret, a young girl like that lost their lives, at the same time for killing Tingting’s killer, the police also issued a reward notice, but also I hope someone can provide clues to the police.


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