Retail sales to reduce the price of small losses to earn big money

no matter what industry, will encounter the price processing, customers often like this moment, because the quality of the product is no difference, but the price can be very different. This benefit, which customers do not want? So, if you want to make the retail households higher popularity of the store, the product is more profitable, might as well sell some goods.

for the backlog of goods in the store, there are a number of retail homes can not sell at a loss, always thinking slowly do not sell, do not worry, especially for those who do not have a clear term of validity of the goods. There are retail players to play tricks, the price is now the so-called price reduction treatment. And affixed to the label on the product, the original price of XX, the current price of XX, would like to flicker customers, the purpose is to ensure that their profits unchanged.

I think this approach is also questionable, because some commodity prices, customers can ask, if the customer feel cheated by retailers, their hearts will be angry. Perhaps the customer does not directly find our theory, but they will not come back after consumption, or in front of other people widely revealed the matter, if so, this is how ah! So I think the sale price, to be real.

surface, retail households is a bit of a loss, but we do not know these products as soon as possible to deal with the backlog out, you can revitalize the money, you can make money ah. Much stronger than the backlog of funds, much more affordable. Especially the advent of goods, but also to get rid of as soon as possible. Of course, the sale of goods here, we have to consider the safety of food, if the shelf life of only a few days, I would like to sometimes keep their own food or simply when the waste disposal, so as not to cause trouble.

said it lingshouhu Song Ruoming has deep feeling, let him remember two things, "the first thing in the winter of 2011, due to various reasons, their shop has a backlog of more than a year of red Anhui tobacco, due to improper storage, later found to drop 20 yuan money away. Who knows the musty found a customer to buy smoke, but is a distant relative, give him a refund on the right. If replaced by other people, I do not know what a result?

second is the summer of 2012, they store a batch of Mengniu milk advent, sale. Who knows a child to drink on the stomach, in the county hospital Zhu for more than a week, injections hanging water, with nearly 3000 yuan of medical expenses. Finally, my parents ran to find me to bear the medical expenses, and finally had no choice but to pay 1500 yuan. Hey, just like that, it’s better to start off. Since then, I’ve never done such a stupid thing." Therefore, the retail users sometimes the "drop", don’t slow, shilly-shally.

now many retailers do not want to eat this small loss, always feel that you can sell the price, or

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