What are the correct site selection techniques

is able to correctly select the address of a store is actually very valuable, look at the location of the store now what are the skills bar.

Based on the popular site

good position although not absolute, but there are many similarities, such as population mobility, traffic convenient, so choose a good place to consider the following factors:

1. flow: ordinary, holiday and day, night to person and proportion;

2. vehicle flow: automobile, motorcycle flow;

3. traffic: current and future possible increase and decrease of transport;

4. road width and parking problems;

5. regional characteristics: competitive stores, complementary stores, financial institutions and cultural and educational, leisure facilities, etc.;

6. population survey: population, consumption habits, etc.;

7. business district survey: the main and secondary business area, rent, price.

According to the popular

On the basis of

site location

in the mature central business circle investment shops, a large amount of investment, and different business circles of the nature and level of development, will directly affect the operation efficiency and shop space rental. This is the first operation of the store by the proximity of the entire business district of popularity, and then there is a constant flow of people to ensure that the tree can be a good shade under the tree, all the time without effort.

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