Note that the dry cleaners have to know

is now in the winter, in fact, every year of this period, is a busy season for people to open a dry cleaning shop, and now the business is also very hot dry cleaners. So what are the precautions to open the dry cleaners today, followed by a small series together to see it!

1, registration problem

2, publicity issues:

3, buy some receipts:

4, prepare some basic office tools, such as paper and pen.

5, some of the basic auxiliary cutting tools should also pay attention to. Such as needles and colored lines, scissors, hair removal, white cloth, etc..

in fact as entrepreneurs, when you are ready to open a dry cleaning shop, you should pay attention to some matters need to pay attention to, so as to achieve the success of the shop prepared against want enough enough. Open a dry cleaners or to learn how to operate!


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