Steamed stuffed bun store threshold high What skills do you need to learn

most of the market has not formed a certain scale, the development is not very standardized, it is difficult to develop into a big brand. If you want to open a steamed stuffed bun franchise investment costs are not great, learning related technologies can be a lot of open up profitable channels, as soon as possible to grow.

bun sensitive thin skin, stuffing not caving, don’t run oil, do not fold, first do is to sell, the process is transparent, mellow taste delicious, not greasy, people lead a person to endless aftertastes. Steamed stuffed bun flour and stuffing ingredients, with medicinal formula, so that the steamed stuffed bun has a delicious and healthy. Not only can take away the business, sit shop sales, can also be sold in the unit canteen or bulk into supermarkets, canteens, etc..

Analysis of

Technical training

1, featured steamed stuffed bun and filling heart method;

2, learning the basic technology and skills Famian steamed;

3, Pyramid dumplings fragrance soup, fried rice, porridge, cover 8 eat the size of


4, business plan and management skills;

5, shop management skills, so you worry shop.

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