How much does it cost to open a Korean steamed bun shop in 2016

How much does it cost to open a Korean steamed bun shop in

2016? The change from year to year, entrepreneurship is no exception, with the diversified development of China’s catering industry, now for the acceptance of exotic delicacy, but it greatly improved, therefore, the delicacy in China also has a very good market, while South Korea Baked Mantou shop is one of these.


The main equipment investment 4000 yuan

(monthly rent calculated by 500 yuan) to sign the agreement when asked to pay monthly rent.

turnover of 500 yuan of funds

(conservative figures) according to our daily minimum sales of 40 pounds per kilogram, sales net profit calculated by 1 yuan minimum, (I think you may not only sell 40 pounds a day)


40 kg × 1 yuan × 30 days × December =14400 yuan

the actual profit will far exceed the number 14400, because in Tomb-sweeping Day, in July fifteen, the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, the beginning of the October, National Day, two months before and after the Spring Festival, is the sales season, in this festival, almost every day can sell 2000 ~ 5000 yuan. Such a calculation, the profit will be higher.

2016 South Korea to open the steamed bread shop how much cost? The problem is that you also have some understanding of the above content, I believe you have a vision, to find a shop to find you, please leave a message below.

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