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now many rural areas are actively promoting the majority of migrant workers returning home for business, at the same time, in order to achieve such a goal, introduced a number of policy support, to help the majority of migrant workers who return to their hometown to venture.

medium, dark skin, slightly shy of Ren Qingsheng sitting in the office of the front of the computer, a pair of honest farmers in appearance, it is hard to imagine that he is a village Ding annual sales of tens of millions of Taobao shop owner.


change occurred in 2009. Ren Qingsheng in the field with the help of a foreign contact with the Internet, the first single on Taobao sold dozens of sets of clothing. Ren Qingsheng said, "I thought this is a pyramid scheme, has been very inconsistent, until the bank carido 2000 dollars, the thought was changed."

then he will gradually transfer energy to the Internet, open shop, order and delivery. 2011 in less than two months in May and June earned more than 60 thousand yuan. He found on the Internet to sell children’s clothing business is very good, in their own yard to put up a greenhouse processing performances, in addition to their own sales, but also to provide the supply of other Taobao owners.

later, one family to participate in the Taobao business, my daughter in charge of logistics sales, the wife is responsible for administration, the father is responsible for the warehousing, Craft Specialty for children and mothers play binding buttons, embroidered collar. 2014, his sales revenue of nearly ten million yuan.

see Ren birthday the day of getting better and better, the villagers have to follow, more young people back home business. Big market town Zhang Zhuang village doctor Zhang Debo originally gave his three sons early planning medical school, taking over as a doctor. However, graduation practice does not fit in with the home clothing shop run fast, so that the two son Zhang Hongzheng determined to return home.

2011 in October, Zhang Hongzheng began to return home entrepreneurship. He organized the 7 rural women working in their own home clothing, and registered the first village Taobao stores, the results of the 2012, his sales will reach 4 million yuan.

see Zhang Hongzheng do electricity supplier attachment and affordable, "big brother and the third brother have resigned from the hospital, back together to do the electricity supplier." Zhang Hongzheng said.

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