Winter stall how to solve the problem of supply

no matter what stall, the supply is always the most important, to find a good supply of goods will be able to make money, if you do retail, it is not realistic to take the goods with the manufacturers, because your capacity can not keep up, unless you have large amount of wholesalers actually look also has a high ratio of goods you will find, find, take note the amount of money wholesalers do not get too much, suitable for retailers!


manufacturers there is a price advantage, but most manufacturers have the minimum quantity you can find manufacturers about how much their MOQ, if the order amount is too small and they generally do not meet, if there is a single supply, manufacturers will also cooperate with you friends, first to find the real manufacturers on the Internet, and then through the understanding and comparison, determine the products you need and settlement.

I do sales in the factory, I talk about the practical experience from our industry as it is, I do Home Furnishing weaving industry. We do have Ms. straw bags, hats, storage basket etc.. These products are mainly exported and domestic wholesale, of course, we also supply to the supermarket, we generally follow the orders of major customers to make some goods to do wholesale. Or large customers do not order we will do wholesale and wholesale to retailers. If we look at this industry, in addition to large factories do not do wholesale small and medium-sized factories will be small wholesale, the price and the dealer’s price which high? This depends on the quantity you want to be, or to see the goods in our hands at the time to set the factory, if the sales are not very wide, the goods are generally hand pressure than dealers eager to put these goods go out, if you do not.

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