Xiaobian teach you a discount shop means

shop in the sale process, can attract more customers and bring more profits, but the discount or promotion is a very learned thing, good discount means can be profit maximization, the following Xiaobian teach you a good way to teach Discounts:

1, range


that determine what goods discount, this should be clear why the discount for these goods, whether in accordance with the purpose of sale, this is the key. For example, now the new is discounted, first consider regional new products, such as very bright four piece, is not popular in some areas, even if there is a relatively large discount, not necessarily can pin, so according to local conditions, namely, to consider these factors to determine where the discount down will have effect.

2, degree of strategy

is to determine the discount level, none of the amplitude, which can attract customers, and not the loss of profits. Generally speaking, now the bed, in a lot of stores are non price sales, in 10 percent off? 5% off, during the promotion period, in order to boost sales, must consider some popular products of low price, to attract popularity, such as pillow, caterpillar puppets, pillow etc.. Overall, the promotion period is higher than 20 percent off, the effect is not very good, but in order to consider their own profit overall discount control at 30 percent off to 22% off, more suitable. Of course, for a long period of more than a year and a half of the backlog of products, in order to return the funds, you can reduce the price to the cost price.

time strategy

decided that in what the most appropriate time discount. Now many textile dealers are selected 51, eleven, new year’s day, Spring Festival, the peak of marriage and move, but all textile enterprises are doing, for you, the effect will be discounted, such as the manufacture of special events and news, are worthy of deep mining or clearance bargain in the off-season.

4, during the


discount that should last time, and not as long as possible. This is particularly critical, textile discount period is too long, but reduces the consumer purchase immediately determined within 10-15 days, is more appropriate, taking into account the consumers know the discount information to her dowry and home decoration of the procurement cycle, but also can be used for five days before the time of oppression, such as enjoy the special discount, etc..

5, frequency

strategyThe number of

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