The sixth service outsourcing innovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Wuxi

nowadays college students entrepreneurship has been the concern of the whole society, at the same time, in order to further promote the local college students entrepreneurship activities have organized a series of open up a fresh outlook entrepreneurship competition.

29 was informed that the Sixth China University Student Service Outsourcing innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals in August 27th to 29 held in Wuxi. Prior to this, the Ministry of education, Ministry of Commerce and the Wuxi Municipal People’s government has jointly hosted the five China University Student Service Outsourcing innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (hereinafter referred to as the Service Creation Contest). For six years, serving a national contest to promote the development of service outsourcing industry and employment oriented strategies, innovating the mode of talent cultivation, promote college students’ employment, actively provide personnel support for the development of service outsourcing industry, boost the development of service outsourcing industry.

it is understood that the service innovation competition aims to build innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students display platform, promote college students pay attention to service outsourcing, employment service outsourcing; to guide and promote the colleges and universities to strengthen the training of service outsourcing, personnel training and implementation of interactive industry integration. Competition form is diverse, rich in content, close to reality, highlighting innovation and application. Those who achieve IT technology or platform based on project or task can and with the "modern service economy" and "innovation, entrepreneurship, wealth" is closely related to the theme of the contest entries.

Take a positive to

contest in the form and content, pay attention to the "three combination": one is to pay attention to the surface concentration of the combination of preliminaries and finals. Taking into account the participating units and University wide, submit project online preliminaries, Finals again in Wuxi. Two is to pay attention to the combination of different types of competition. The formation of a class enterprise proposition, B class free proposition and C class entrepreneurial practice three types of competition, focusing on the cultivation and inspection of college students employment, innovation, entrepreneurship, three kinds of ability. Three is to focus on competition evaluation and promote employment, entrepreneurship combined. At the same time, the organization of competition evaluation, but also in the field and the organization of online talent docking, communication and negotiation, the establishment of service outsourcing innovation and entrepreneurship base for college students to start business projects. At the same time, venture capital activities in the scene, investment institutions and angel investors to recommend outstanding projects

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