Watch a Formula One 2 second pit stop in slow motion

first_imgFormula One is the pinnacle of motor sport, and that’s partly because the teams are always trying to cut down on the time it takes to do specific tasks during a race, alongside innovating with technology to make the cars go ever faster on less fuel.Having the fastest car on the track is certainly the focus for the teams, but each race has at least one mandatory pit stop to change the tires on a car. Typically a pit stop can last anything from 15-25 seconds, and most of that time is lost driving into and out of the pits at a set top speed. However, the actual changing of the tires is where time can be saved, with the ultimate goal being to complete the operation in a mere 2 seconds.Changing four tires on a car in 2 seconds sounds impossible, but most of the teams in Formula One today are getting close to achieving that. One of those is the current World Champions Red Bull, and the video below shows a 2.05 second pit stop happening in slow motion.The key to that speed is the manpower involved. Each wheel has three people working on it. The first undoes the wheel nut, the second removes the tire, and the third handles putting the new tire in the right position before the nut is tightened by the first guy again. Supporting those twelve tire changers are two jack men, front and rear, who lift the car off the ground. And then there’s one final person who stands at the front of the car informing the driver when they can drive away (although that person is being replaced with a lights system by some teams).So a 2 second pit stop requires a total of fifteen people working on the car, each doing their task with perfect precision so as not to slow the operation down. There’s also an important task the driver has to do, and that’s hit his mark. If he doesn’t stop in the correct location then the pit crew has to adjust and that costs valuable time, maybe even a second.Here’s another great video, this time from the Sauber team showing exactly how the pit stop tire change works.It’s not surprising things go wrong sometimes as there’s just so much that can go wrong. And that’s part of the reason why Formula One can be so exciting to watch, and why races can be won and lost in the pit lane.last_img

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