Wholesale goods have to look at the four tips

many first-time entrepreneurs are very hard, they need to find their own sources of their own to wholesale goods. In the purchase, we must always pay attention to do the following four points, so the purchase process will be prepared!

A, go to

and reasonable

two, to clear the professional

novice to take the goods, generally those wholesalers will from his (her) language and " see, the head " because most dressed as usual, hand there is no sign of getting goods trolley, ask the price when asked how much a love? How about this? Or you can take a few, and so on, so those unscrupulous wholesalers, especially in the absence of other people will be interested in your price, in this regard can refer to the following recommendations:

1) if the goods do not use a small cart, you can take the 1-2 in the wholesale market to see the largest plastic bags (preferably black based, because of what you can not see anyone)

2) asking price to " how batch? " or " how to get " " the bottom number? " or buy more can ask " pack how much? " give priority to, don’t ask how much money? How to sell this product on the market, such as the method of asking l.

three for the first time, the goods is not easy to get

for the initial purchase, beginners often do not know how much some loss, what is right, feel this will do it; and some people take once and often stop, some get the goods back home again turn left and right look, competing on certain goods some dissatisfied; how to avoid such problems, I think we should try to do the following:

1), do not bring too much cash. If you don’t plan to take three thousand with four thousand, this can be a mandatory control; some people say that I have not met, do not take a choice, but in fact you really to the place where we can say it involuntarily, you will probably feel difficult to once have to get more ideas also, very likely was " " " infection; a whim (" others are crazy.

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