Venture to make money through the 9 Business

character determines destiny, some people are destined to be the material of the business, also some people are destined to just give people life. Do not believe in life, then make money to start the business of the 9 businesses can be a good look at you, will be of great help to you.

Third: to understand the market, the hand on hand. You have to come to the edge of the edge, and sometimes business to talk about fate. Some unpopular goods over the village will not have the store. If you do not sell, you have to wait for a certain period of time, may affect your turnover.


seventh: business, don’t let the guests feel that you want to sell him something, then he will fall in your price. You should sum up a set of techniques that you express words showing me something that is popular, you just don’t do, I just put the things left to others, so as not to say I don’t keep promise". But don’t say it straight, make the guest feel like you’re lying. Guests will sell your goods immediately because of adverse psychology.

the eight: please buy for sell. Requirements into good goods, cheap goods, in the purchase of hard work, looking for sources of origin. Don’t try to sell the goods, as long as you are right, the guests will come.

nine: choose the pavement to join, preferably in the popularity of the place. The pavement should be clean and tidy, and the marketable goods should be placed in a conspicuous place. Be familiar with the goods in the store. Prevent deterioration.

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