How to keep the money in vain for naught

is now on the market to do business is more and more, especially to join the business, for us, we are most afraid of being cheated, let money dashuipiao, so we must pay attention to, there are a lot of traps on the market, the following look.

if the local stores have such products, you must go to the scene to examine, and then make a sober analysis of. Currently on the market do jewelry to join the company many real Nanbian!

1. by joining the jewelry business; this is true!

headquarter is wholesalers franchisee is common retailers make the customer money!

2. by jewelry to join the business; this is false!

headquarter is the Ministry of investment by China Merchants join headquarters to make the franchisee money! They are all comers! Data sent by the sky! Advertising everywhere! To perform much better! How to distinguish? Good simple!

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