Ryan Lee, Aug. 24

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest I think we have close to three inches of rain for the month of August and my brother got a little more than that to the north of us. We got over three tenths last night and he got a half inch. That should help the beans but we have a few spots starting to turn while other spots are still lush and green. We have not seen aphids, or caterpillars feeding in the fields. I have seen a few Japanese beetles. We have been lucky on the insect damage side of things so far.I have been surprised how decent these earlier beans look. It is still hard to estimate seed size and that is a big unknown for beans. It is not uncommon for us to go to Farm Science Review in the morning and start with harvest that afternoon and it looks like we may be on pace for that again this year on some of our earlier beans.We have not spent much time looking at the corn crop. There is one field, in fact, where my brother and I have a mutual agreement not to look at until it gets closer to harvest.With all of the contract bean acres we grow for non-GMO and seed beans, it is hard for us to push corn harvest much earlier. It is difficult for us to switch between corn and beans. Because of that, we concentrate on beans first, but stalk quality in these corn fields is a concern, so we will have to prioritize some of these fields for harvest.I am still very thankful for what we’ve got even though it may not be want we want.last_img

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