The most creative 2016 year New Year message highlights

in less than a month’s time, we will usher in the 2016 year of the monkey, prepare the New Year message but it’s a bit too late? Let the whole network to prepare in advance a series of 2016 year New Year message for you, let you in a public message in talent shows itself.

back to 2015, you may expect trouble reset; 2016, happy with you; through 2015, the happiness with you; for the 2016, wish you all the best. New year is coming, I wish you a lot of happiness! Good luck again and again! Plenty of luck!

the cause of monkey fly Fengwu family, monkey Phoenix Phoenix, Phoenix young son Sun Houju, healthy monkey monkey monkey spirit, thinking Teng Yue, the new year wish my monkey Hing wind together, has all the monkey chapter Fengcai, longevity and health!

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