What are the names of the studio case

although many entrepreneurs have mastered the relevant skills and methods, however, want to give the studio a proper name, but there are still a lot of difficulties. In order to be able to meet the needs of more investors, here Xiaobian introduce some studio named success stories, can be a reference for entrepreneurs. So, what are the names of the studio case?

studio named case:

Name: Peida studio

: Kai, meaning, inspiration; inspiration; start is to say through the great guidance studio, eventually completed the wish, to achieve the future.

studio named case two:

Name: Picasso studio

meaning: the name of a more attractive to parents, the parents of the impression of color mostly stay in those who master the art, so the name can use their names.

studio named case three:

Name: point studio

meaning: brush with the brush of the moment, draw on our today.

studio named case four:


art studio

meaning: a place of great art.

studio named case five:

Name: Qi Mei beauty studio

meaning: beautiful waves, like the wind.

studio named case six:


color studio Gallery

meaning: rainbow is a variety of colors, but also a symbol of versatility.

studio, after all, a strong cultural flavor, therefore, in its name often inject more culture. If you are ready to open a studio, but do not know how to name the name of the good, then, with more than a small set of these studio named cases, you may wish to use as a reference.

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