Entrepreneurship and fishing

many novice entrepreneurs do not know where to start to worry about their business plan, it is difficult to implement, that is because their entrepreneurship preparation is not good, if the fishing metaphor, that is because of his lack of a good fishing rod.

There are three main types of

they need a fishing rod:

second opportunities. Many people lament their love in × Born Under A Bad Sign,; × years ago, we can do that, certainly, now do this for more than niumao.

Third, project. Want to start a business, but do not know what to do. The most common helpless performance: if I understand…… Well, now do this is very profitable.

undoubtedly, this rod is important, want to go fishing, have to have a proper fishing rod. But what about giving you a fishing rod? Give you one million, you can earn Laiyiqianwan? Give you a good project, you can manage? Back to ten years ago, you dare to fry?

and for the other, but you may not be able to really familiar with. So, in order to become a successful fisherman, you have to have fishing qualities, these qualities summed up as follows:

1, want to fish impulse. That is, you have to have entrepreneurial spirit, passion. This impulse includes a good state of mind and hard work. If you are forced to go fishing and you don’t want to go fishing, the fish will not catch you. If you don’t want to bask in the sun, you can’t get a good harvest.

2, fishing knowledge. Do you want to start a business to understand what is entrepreneurship, how to create your own business process. Understanding of various river guides

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