Proof of normal is not necessarily normal

now the whole society there are some more wonderful, that these wonderful sometimes also let a lot of people know, who lives in Shaanxi Xi’an Zhang recently encountered such a thing.

7 30, Zhang, who lives in Changan District and his wife to the Changan District Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration office for divorce agreement. "We are the agreement divorce, divorce agreement is written. Later, the staff were called us to interview, understand the situation. In this process, the staff asked my wife I have suffered from a mental illness, my wife would say, but she also said that it has in the past 30 years, these 30 years I have been not to fall ill, back to a normal state. But the staff said that the agreement can not be divorced." Mr. Zhang said, "then the staff also told me about the situation, I also truthfully stated, but the staff said, I like this situation, there must be that can handle the divorce agreement, otherwise we can not handle."

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