DRILLING REPORT:May 23 through May 29

first_imgAnadarko E&P Onshore, LLC, Longhorn 55-1-30 Unit, Loving, new drill.Apache Corporation, Lumbee, Reeves, new drill.APC Water Holdings 1, LLC, APC 54-1-6, Loving, new drill (3); APC 54-1-18, Loving, new drill.BHP Billiton Petroleum (TxLa Op.) Co., Laverne 58-T2-12×1 SA, Reeves, new drill; State Hedblom 56-T3-24, Reeves, new drill (3); TBD 57-T1-41×32, Reeves, new drill.Blackbeard Operating, LLC, 6 Pounder SE, Crane, new drill; Blackbeard Operating LLC, Sealy Smith Foundation A, Winkler, new drill (2).Boaz Energy II Operating, LLC, Mabee, Terry, new drill.Bold Operating, LLC, TSRH West 19-20 C, Reagan, new drill.Brammer Engineering, Inc., Vlt Browning Hunter Unit, Martin, new drill; Vlt Browning Medallion Unit, Martin, new drill; Vlt Browning Stalker Unit, Martin, new drill; Vlt Colt Unit, Martin, new drill.Callon Petroleum Operating Co., Limber Pine A1, Ward, new drill; Limber Pine A3, Ward, new drill (2); Limber Pine A4, Ward, new drill; Limber Pine A5, Ward, new drill; Rag Run South, Ward, new drill.Capitan Energy Incorporated, Mother Fee 28, Culberson, new drill.Carrizo Permian, LLC, Dorothy Unit 38, Reeves, new drill (3).Centennial Resource Production, LLC, War Eagle B Unit, Reeves, new drill.Chevron U.S.A., Inc., Hay Juliette 5 SWD, Culberson, new drill; GBG Cerberus 34/39 A, Midland, new drill; GBG Cerberus 34/39 B, Midland, new drill; GBG Cerberus 34/39 C, Midland, new drill; GBG Cerberus 34/39 D, Midland, new drill; GBG Cerberus 34/39 E, Midland, new drill; GBG Cerberus 34/39 F, Midland, new drill; GBG Cerberus 34/39 G, Midland, new drill (2); GBG Cerberus 34/39 H, Midland, new drill; GBG Cerberus 34/39 I, Midland, new drill; GBG Cerberus 34/39 J, Midland, new drill; GBG Cerberus 34/39 K, Midland, new drill; Dr. State Wise Unit 1, Culberson, new drill.COG Operating, LLC, Spanish Trail 3-10 HZ Unit, Midland, new drill; Rudd Draw 26-21, Loving, new drill.CrownQuest Operating, Bigtooth Maple, Martin, new drill (3); Bigtooth Maple C, Martin, new drill; Bigtooth Maple D, Martin, new drill (4).DE3 Operating, LLC, Guns Up I 32-29, Midland, new drill; Guns Up J 32-29, Midland, new drill; Guns Up K 32-29, Midland, new drill; Guns Up L 32-29, Midland, new drill.Diamondback E&P, LLC, Wolcott Campbell A, Martin, new drill (4); State Elbert 7-8 Unit, Pecos, new drill (2); Blazer Unit 14, Reeves, new drill (2); Challenger 228-512 Unit, Pecos, new drill; Neal Lethco 39-37 Unit, Pecos, new drill; Dunigan State Unit W 53-6-17, Reeves, new drill; Deguello Unit 54-7-2, Reeves, new drill; M.A.K. (Spraberry) Unit, Martin, field transfer (100; M.A.K. (Spraberry) Unit, Andrews, field transfer.Driftwood Energy Operating, LLC, Black Oak A, Reagan, new drill; Black Oak B, Reagan, new drill; Black Oak C, Reagan, new drill; Black Oak D, Reagan, new drill.Earthstone Operating, LLC, Mid-States West Unit 37-5, Midland, new drill (3).Founders Oil & Gas Operating, LLC, Millard L, Ector, new drill; Millard E, Ector, new drill; Scharbauer C, Ector, new drill.Golden Oil and Ranch, LLC, Kimbrough Unit, Runnels, new drill; Belew, Runnels, new drill.Guidon Energy Management Services, LLC, Bessie 44-41 (alloc-1NH), Martin, new drill (6).Helms Oil & Gas, LLC, Goliath SWD, Midland, new drill.Henry Resources, LLC, Joshua 32-51 C, Upton, new drill.Joint Resources Company, Scrambler A, Gaines, new drill.Kinder Morgan Production Co., LLC, Yates Field Unit, Pecos, recompletion (2).Laredo Petroleum, Inc., Barbee B 47-38 (alloc-C), Glasscock, new drill (2).Luxe Operating, LLC, Evan Williams 23-13W Unit, Reeves, new drill.MDC Texas Operator, LLC, Pickpocket 21, Reeves, new drill.Mongoose Energy, LLC, WC Tyrrell 5, Pecos, new drill.Murchison Oil and Gas, LLC, Wild Bill Hickok Unit 40-33, Howard, new drill.Oasis Petroleum Permian, LLC, Shoshone A 34-166-165, Ward, new drill.Occidental Permian, Ltd., Ratliff & Bedford, Andrews, new drill; Central Robertson Clearfork Unit, Gaines, new drill.Owl Exploration, LLC-Service Operator, KJK 6 SWD, Reagan, new drill.Oxy USA, Inc., BR Odessa, Ector, new drill.Oxy USA WTP, LP, West Seminole SA Unit, Gaines, reenter.Parsley Energy Operations, Diamond Rio 9-16-B, Midland, new drill; Diamond Rio 9-16-D, Midland, new drill; Waymore 18-19-B, Howard, new drill; Waymore 18-19-D, Howard, new drill; Pecan State Unit, Pecos, new drill; Frances 12-1-A, Martin, new drill; Marienfeld 13-24-F, Martin, new drill (2).Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., Donald L. Hutt C, Midland, new drill (3); Northeast Scharbauer, Martin, new drill (5).Primexx Operating Corporation, Nimitz Unit B 186-187, Reeves, new drill.RGX Energy, LLC, Petersen, Gaines, new drill.Riley Permian Operating Co., LLC, True Grit 712, Yoakum, new drill.Ring Energy, Inc., Horned Frog 400 A, Yoakum, new drill.Rising Star Energy Partners, LLC, Crutchfield, Irion, new drill.Rosehill Operating Company, LLC, State Blanco 58 Unit, Pecos, new drill.Rover Petroleum Operating, LLC, Dodge, Granville M., est., Howard, new drill (2).Sable Permian Gas, LLC, Reeves AV Fee, Reeves, reenter.Sheridan Production Resources, LLC, Mayer-215 (alloc 16), Irion, new drill; Tucker Re 1 194 (alloc 23), Reagan, new drill; Tucker Re 1 194 (alloc 32), Reagan, new drill; Tucker Re 1 194 (alloc 33), Reagan, new drill; Tucker Re 1 194 (alloc 38), Reagan, new drill.Seguro Oil and Company, LLC, University Consolidated IV, Andrews, recompletion.Steward Energy II, LLC, Nevermind 451, Yoakum, new drill.Summit Petroleum, LLC, Adely 10, Upton, new drill; Adely 11, Upton, new drill; Adely 12, Upton, new drill; Adely 13, Upton, new drill; Adely 14, Upton, new drill; Adely 15, Upton, new drill.Surge Operating, LLC, Monstro Unit 04-16, Howard, new drill (2); Middleton Unit A 47-38, Howard, new drill; Jotunn Unit A 25-24, Borden, new drill; Jotunn Unit B 25-24, Borden, new drill; Hamlin Unit 19-18, Howard, new drill; Hamlin Unit 19-30, Howard, new drill.Unitex Oil & Gas, LLC, Biles, J.D., Andrews, recompletion.UpCurve Energy, LLC, Winkler State 34, Reeves, new drill.VX Operating, LLC, Ballard, Kent, new drill.WPX Energy Permian, LLC, Cy 41, Loving, new drill; Pecos State 39-46G-56-1, Loving, new drill.XTO Energy, Inc., Lenorah 1-02, Martin, new drill; Brown-Altman B, Winkler, recompletion; Norris Unit 32-H, Martin, new drill (2); TXL 11 Unit 1, Midland, new drill (5); Huck OW-80-83 WA6, Pecos, new drill; Lenorah 1-22, Martin, new drill (2); Fullerton Clearfork Unit, Andrews, new drill.Zarvona Energy, LLC, Big Max 13, Andrews, new drill.RAILROAD COMMISSION Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for May 23 through May 29 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold. Pinterest Facebook Facebook DRILLING REPORT:May 23 through May 29 WhatsApp Previous article060619_OC_Employee_of_the_year_Lindsey_Bryant_JF_04Next articleBalloon campaign Digital AIM Web Support WhatsApp Pinterest Twitter TAGS  Local News Twitter By Digital AIM Web Support – February 24, 2021 last_img

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