Zhongshan recognizes the service management of migrant workers

a full seed wants to take root and eventually bear fruit. It needs soil, rain and sunshine. For entrepreneurs, the government’s policy is to help support the hope of the sun and rain.

2015, Zhongshan City, remote workers and rental housing service management work closely around the municipal government deployment, adhere to the "inclusive growth, sharing" concept, pay close attention to safe construction, flow into channels, to guide national governance, consolidate the work foundation, the work achieved solid results. At the end of November, the city registered 96654 rented houses, rental housing (residential) registration rate of 100%. Arrangements for points into the home index 4400, an increase of 10%; integral enrollment index of 19700, an increase of 49.2%. Collect all kinds of cutting-edge information 64465, which has important value of the information of the 40643, the rate of completion of the 87.56%.

According to the 2016

key work, the city will be upgraded to rental housing integrated management information system, and the public security police comprehensive system to achieve docking, the establishment of rental access sharing of information exchange mechanism. With the socialist core values as the theme, extensive publicity and education, to guide the work of migrant workers to improve their own comprehensive quality, to achieve personal development and the needs of the city docking. To share development as the guide, improve the integration of workflow, expand the benefits of integration, to achieve compulsory education, housing security, medical insurance and other basic public services to the wider coverage of migrant workers.

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