Wang Youwei came out of the village from the era of mobile nternet rookie

people’s life can not be smooth sailing, always meet such difficulties, overcome the difficulties of the process, in fact, is a kind of growth. 1 and a half years old, a sudden illness let him fall disability, but he was always smiling face the ups and downs of life; for a dream, don’t give up he has done more than and 10 jobs, finally from the village of Fang niuwa, growth of the mobile Internet era rookie……

however, in order to see their parents growing old, studying for my sister, they are struggling to earn money. Eventually, he was determined to go out "rush", and with the original unit signed lwop agreement.


however, stubborn Wang Youwei didn’t concede, "do poineering work for the first time to die, but I am not willing to give up like this, so to find the project".

around to do the show in the first pot of gold



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