Jiangmen is committed to building the small double strategic highland

now some Small and micro businesses development occupies an important link, at the same time, has brought new opportunities in many places for the development of Small and micro businesses, in the high-tech zone of Jiangmen city is committed to creating Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship heights.

after May this year became the 15 Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation base of demonstration city, the city quickly organized forces launched the "Eagle plan", and strive to build "the characteristics of Jiangmen, Guangdong, China, international benchmarking demonstration platform". High tech Zone (Jianghai District) "plan" the introduction, is an important part of our "Eagle plan", will effectively promote the Jiangmen high tech Zone Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation base city demonstration work, Small and micro businesses stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation vitality, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, and high-tech zones to create the Pearl River Delta has the influence Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation strategic highland.

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