How to find a way out of the price war bathroom brands

in the past, as long as the bathroom products cheap, there will be someone willing to buy, but now is different, and now people have a higher demand for bathroom products, price war alone is not enough. The only real quality products in order to achieve the terminal market price war victory, not only can not only make the enterprise out of the doldrums, will ruin the future of enterprise.

with 80, 90 gradually become the main consumer market, for young consumers demand for sanitary products is not limited to the price, for sanitary quality and environmental protection is more attention. According to the survey shows: the bathroom prices have hit the bottom line, the second half of Diaojia is very small amplitude, "and the scale of enterprises or listed companies also make strategic loss to seize the market, the high price is small compared to the factory."

the blind price war became an evil member of the herd   sanitary enterprises hinder the long-term development of

for sanitary products on the market sale situation, can be divided into the following three aspects: one is the backlog of products on sale, for fast processing of inventory to return the funds, to sell at a low price; two is in the period of time, the specific area, specific products for the price, in order to achieve short-term rapid market the purpose of the three; for the competitors market competition, strategic market return; four is the marketing tactics, according to the enterprise profit model specifically set bidding strategy, products, to guarantee market sales. Admittedly, the industry there are quite a number of short-term benefits to, an evil member of the herd, to a fortune, to fake, shoddy, low-quality low-priced products disrupt the market.

way: the brand building is still only strategically   become one of the key factors of competition; sanitary enterprises

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