Nine strokes teach you to create a more dynamic team

start a company, you first have to consider whether your team members have vitality, they can not play with you. So, a newly established company, how to grasp the company’s employees and emotional state? This is every entrepreneur should think about the problem. To increase the cohesion of the team, you need to pay attention to the following nine points.

1, optimize primary and secondary

in the team, to help clarify the sequence of tasks is the management of CEO, responsibility, we will send a team to understand: we understand their burden, and bear the pressure, then let everyone to do things to list these things done, determined the order.

2, collective discovery problem

imagine: CEO to the original arrangement of the work schedule do transfer, now want to meet a leadership team of people, so the person named was forced to modify his / her plan, then affect more people’s arrangement……

management or leadership need to be aware that their actions will have a great effect on the operation of the company. They should regularly ask employees what kind of problems encountered in the work, if the layout problems are discussed in the context of the whole company, looking for solutions; if the job is too long, we need to work together to find out a reasonable time in what.

the superior ask, the staff will not say, because they think it is their own personal problems, do not want to put forward after being love people who complain. However, if the leadership to take the initiative to ask, and often ask, you can find out the team’s work model, to solve the problem.

3, make full use of alternative resources

We view optimization team creative use of resources can be better

. In the process of the growth of the company, most of the founders will be the first to think of hiring formal staff, which is almost a conditioned reflex.

can consider the formation of a small full-time staff as the core of the team, as a starting point, recruit all kinds of personnel, such as free workers, contractors, suppliers, Off Shore Company to meet the company’s needs. These alternative resources can provide companies with different aspects of professional technology, avoiding the expansion of the traditional model of employment through employment.

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