Liu Shishi made 140 million happy event has become a big winner in life

recent entertainment news is definitely Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu’s marriage, more attention is given to the more than 1 billion of the dowry of the dowry of Nicky Wu to Liu Shishi. Just got married, Liu Shishi earned 140 million, netizens are laughing, long brother really will marry a wife!



from yesterday’s trend, storm technology "Lich King" character has not changed, opening the limit, billions of market capitalization is lifting the pressure in front of clouds that are fanatical funds. So grand, happy in the end who is it?

1.5 billion seconds change 288 million

in the sale of 12% shares, according to the restructuring plan, the company intends to storm technology Liu Shishi cash payment transactions on the price of 64 million 800 thousand yuan, in addition to the issuance of approximately 2 million 730 thousand shares, in order to calculate the issue price of 55.46 yuan, this part of the shares on the price of 151 million yuan.

the issue price is particularly noteworthy. According to the acquisition plan, the issue price of not less than the pricing benchmark 60 trading days before the listing of the company’s stock price 90%. 55.46 yuan of the issue price of only yesterday’s storm technology closing price of 105.41 yuan of 52.6%, almost equal to the recommended

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