Teach everyone to fall in love and make big money

fall in love is very normal and very common thing, who also didn’t want to teach others to fall in love can make big money, right? But in Chongqing, a young man is inventive, do a teach people love course, you also say, some people can be more!

2014 in August, a coffee shop in Chongqing, Zhou Zinan is to teach new students: "why the other party will ignore you in love?".

"so you have to check that they are not made in love is taboo, several minefields……". Listen to Zhou Zinan explanation, under the students have come up with a pen and notebook to record some open mobile phone to start recording. After listening to the students, see light suddenly.

Zhou Zinan on the stage, just like a graceful bearing the appearance of successful people. However, a year ago, which made him a successful career is his heart.

smell love opportunities

2013 summer vacation, Zhou Zinan, as usual, came to the girl’s bedroom door waiting for her to eat. Happy Zhou Zinan has just bought two pieces of fresh flower rose to give my girlfriend a surprise.

30, girlfriend just slowly walked downstairs "Zi Nan, we break up, I have security research, and your poor grades, I hope to see you." Zhou Zinan’s heart was like a knife inserted, he exhausted the last effort to say a "good", flew back to the bedroom, the newly bought roses scattered on the ground.

after that, Zhou Zinan looked like a man, every day, bu into gloomy streak. One day, he met a bunch of "emotional forum shopping in the fellow sufferers". They are all young people between the ages of 25~30, have work and income. But they do not know the girl’s channels, but also the lack of knowledge and skills of love.

if the girls know such as dating platform to manage the emotional problem basically is a friend "do it", few have specialized in this line, and this group of "fellow sufferers" is actually very willing to invest money to buy books to learn, but did not consult a professional habit.

isn’t that a good business, Zhou Zinan?. Due to the resources of psychological counselors, Zhou Zinan decided to put these two people docking.

first to set up their own team. Zhou Zinan came to school like-minded brothers, after the initial planning began to implement their own ideas. However, he overlooked a very important fact that these people are not trained to understand the skills of love. Zhou Zinan put them into the team by their own boast. < recommended

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