What websites do you need to succeed

Two days ago I read Dr.

a friend in the United States due to the London meeting, visa to return, specifically to look at the two years did not meet a good friend, I give him my last love is hard for (http://s.www.aikaoyan.com), he felt that my site to do the good, I am very happy (everyone has vanity, ha ha) because he had learned two doctoral programs, two major write papers, so relatively easy, he would like to do a website to earn a money in the United States, to be good, but what kind of website to be successful. I will speak to him? A few points:

1. Determine the theme of the website

this is the most important thing, before deciding to do what kind of website, we must carry on the full market investigation, often original, practical things can succeed, why hao123 can succeed, because he is original and practical at the time, some of the more successful imitation of a website, it is very difficult to succeed, because these sites are generally have a certain influence, you can rely on what can go beyond it, unless you have compared to your own advantage he has. Once the topic has been set, you will have to make persistent efforts for it.

two, select a good domain name

domain name is equivalent to a person’s home address, how to let others find you, my personal point of view, first of all to spend money to register a domain name, independent domain name is the site of the first fortune, to put up the domain image, simple and easy to remember. Easy to remember the most important, how to let people can remember your website once, domain name is very important.

three, to have practical, original content,

web content is the root of the web, and if the content is empty, there aren’t many users even if the page is beautifully made. The website can retain people, we must consider what your website can bring customers with original content that is better, fundamentally speaking, the content of the website is about web site traffic, content is King (Content Is King) is still the key to success of personal website.

four, the site must be clear and simple,

site must be clear and simple, let people see that your website is to provide what kind of service, if the customer come to see for a long time to find him to be content, then your site is certainly not competitive.

five, the site must make money


king in the second session of the Anhui conference that webmaster website development must make money, I feel quite reasonable, not a website capital maintenance is difficult to development, which I don’t say, I think we all know this truth.

six, there should be appropriate promotion

website marketing promotion in the personal website running >

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