Problems and solutions after repeated submission of domain name card

November 2009, as you may know, the requirements of all sites must have a record number, it can open the site, then we have paused around in time, there will be many webmaster in the domain name registration, domain name found before being used, in order to use does not affect the website, we have can handle the death card to find people to solve the domain name for the record, to submit, finally filing under the domain name, the domain name, and soon we can open, but we are filing for domain name query, found in the two case, please look at the picture below, we opened the first record query website This website is convenient for you to query and make.

first step: open the web site you input domain name query, remember not to add WWW. because the system has misplaced.


second step: enter the domain name, the system will appear a request, we enter the verification code.


third step: enter the verification code, we can smoothly query what we can see the domain name.


now you may see in the query time, one you can see not to put this record, no record of the solution is removed, in our own first register a MII account password, all information submitted will end, when the domain name has been filled to submit a piece of that. We can see the website domain name has been repeated, can not be submitted again, then we can see the original domain name is submitted to one authority, when we learned that the domain name submitted in a tube station, we can call to ask where the authority, tell them that your site is not the account password can you help me delete, without registration information, below I share the authority the telephone number for everyone.

1 Hebei communications authority 0311-12300 0311-86699039 0311-86859958

2 Sichuan communications authority 028-87013129

3 Hainan communications authority 0898-66533681 0898-66533682

4 Shandong communications authority 0531-82092828

5, Guangdong communications authority " 020-8762681087628386"

6 Jiangsu communications authority 025-85039806

7 Qinghai communications authority 097>

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