Webmaster experience don’t let space destroy the website and ranking

many webmaster do need a certain time period, it will spend a lot of energy, in order to get keywords ranking do go up every day, repeat the monotonous work, spend some time to update the original, go to the forum external links, but hard to set up Web site weight and ranking advantage, sometimes because of some external and that is the stability of the space be destroyed on one day.


space quotient determines whether your space can provide a continuous, continuous access to your site. If it is a relatively stable service provider, so space is your site keywords ranking strong support, but if your service providers are not stable enough, the space is a time bomb, you don’t know what time it is because of what reason resulting in unable to access. The theme we share today is not to let space destroy our websites and rankings.

speed: the impact of speed on space is fatal. Here mainly contains two aspects, first, for users, if a space is very slow, open an ordinary website needs more than 5S of time, then really need to consider changing the space. If 5S is open, some users still prefer to wait, and then the user will slow not hesitate to close the page; the other one is to search engine spiders, spiders to crawl the page and sends the HTTP request if the common user access time is too slow, so the spider IP access will be very slowly, it will have a certain effect on the web crawler, is one of the important factors affecting the user experience. Therefore, in the choice of space, we must choose the speed, even if the price is more expensive.

: general space is no problem, but do not rule out a lot of garbage space providers often appear all sorts of problems, if our website often access slow or inaccessible, so for spiders, is not a good sign. But the search engine does not immediately delete this page in its database, and a will to crawl again, occasionally break or no problem, does not stagnate caused by fluctuation in ranking and snapshot, but often afraid of this situation. If you do not last for more than 24 hours, you should consider changing the service provider. Especially for Google, pay special attention to this aspect, a long time can not open web pages will directly lead to decline in ranking.

settings: the impact of space on the site, in addition to speed and stability in two areas, there is a very important aspect is its own settings. Although some spaces open the web and send and receive e-mail properly, that doesn’t mean your space settings are completely correct. A lot of space’s console settings are not standardized, there are some technical errors, so we should not only on their own website, also need to pass with some of the tools to check whether their website can return to normal HTTP status codes, some host access to normal, but because the problem is set, it will return.

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