Mid Autumn Festival social online shopping personalized gifts gradually become a new trend

is also a evokean index soared to the top Miss season, because once a year the upcoming mid autumn festival. And every time after the beginning of autumn, is that this year has been over half a year, but in today’s society, people tend to leave the hometown for a better life, away from his family to a strange city. At this time, you can say that your heart is the farthest away from home, because in a period of time you can look forward to the Spring Festival, and I feel the distance is closer to the length of a section. Can be said that the Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival festival in our Chinese, can be said that in addition to a spring festival outside the most important holidays gifts; as the saying goes, and this year generally refers to the Spring Festival, the festival is generally refers to the mid autumn festival. I guess very few people will give presents on the Dragon Boat festival. In our China culture about a reciprocity, so the Mid Autumn Festival gift is a very difficult to subvert the habit of.

since the Mid Autumn Festival lift up, and I’m writing out; then it was associated with the Internet; the other day on the analysis of teachers’ Day gifts to our individual printing photo book site brought traffic surge, is the effect of the holidays. And these days, the flow has not decreased, but increased, because teachers’ Day is immediately after the Mid Autumn Festival, so the most discussed on the website, but also from the teacher’s day into the mid autumn festival. And why my title is "the Mid Autumn Festival gift: social networking has become a new trend"? That is the result of a simple analysis of their own conclusions I made, for easy reference, but there is certainly a lot of problems well, we can communicate with each other. The main keywords are online shopping, personality and social networking:

first, whenever you want to present a gift, attention will rise. This is from a certain angle that people are increasingly interested in by way of online shopping to buy gifts and give, because now the fast pace of life, does not seem to have too much free time to pick a gift. And if the online order selection is not the same, when purchasing different gifts they do not need to walk, sit in a fixed position can carry out all operations directly in PC or other mobile terminal, but also can use the other bus, eat even the toilet and other debris time to do all these things, you can as an efficient way. From our own photo book website traffic monitoring can be seen, since the teacher’s day a few days before the traffic began to rise, there has been a rising trend, this is certainly because of the teachers’ day behind the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, the waste heat of teacher’s day has not yet dispersed, the Mid Autumn Festival heat again.


Festival, "mid autumn gift" attention increased (Baidu index)

second, personalized gifts more and more popular. Before the Mid Autumn Festival is in the booth, buy moon cake; then the high-end atmosphere grade point is to go counter to buy some high-end packaging; and now it is the giver or if these are.

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